Gang of Ducks


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The record flows along 5 tracks, with Capovilla taking care of synths, drums programming and audio engineering, and Homler singing in her melodic phonetic language, mixing unique voice and sound effects .

"De'la cocce" moves around on a slow quasi-dub rhythm accompanied by whistle and vocal interventions. In "Ricordo" Anna's voice is more prominent, travelling through a digital dimension made of flutes, Buchla Music Easel sequences and rainsticks.

The B side starts with "Bread Dance", where different layers of vocals and drums repeat themselves in an obsessive and haunting atmosphere.

"Be'ya Sa'di" is an ambient and cinematic piece, which quietly introduces "Mem", the most emotionally and intense song of the collection, transporting the listener into a different dimension.
The whole record creates a world with no geographical coordinates, where humans meet their primary feelings in a suspended time, escaping the present and the intelligible world.

July 10, 2020

All music produced by:
Anna Homler (Pharmacia Poetica Music,BMG/ Chrysalis/BMI)  & Alessio Capovilla.

Edited, mixed & mastered by Alessio Capovilla.

Additional vocals recorded by Mark Wheaton at Catasonic, Los Angeles.

Paintings courtesy of Lisa Mouchet.