Gang of Ducks


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Paradisia is the every other year compilation Gang of Ducks digitally releases.

This issue, named 20 after the possibly craziest year in recent human history, is also the first issue not curated by the label itself.
In fact, it is curated by Mana, Hyperdub affiliate and long-time G of D friend.
He took care of the compilation asking contributions to some of his favourite musicians and friends, not focusing on a single mood but rather letting them express their ideas and personalities in a free-flow.

The compilation so happened to be on the very same page with the label's philosophy.
Digital romance, analogue rawness, curated productions, instinctive approaches, dancefloor-ready and introspective compositions, beautifully co-exist through this 17-tracks collection, where each piece stands by its own and is still somehow linked with the others through a common shared attitude.

August 7, 2020

Curated by Mana

Mastered by Nick Foglia at Polo Torino