Gang of Ducks


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Shit&Shine is the polymorphous project lead by the Texan-born Craig Close.

With more than a decade of activity between the USA and the UK, it has spawned one of the most fascinating and promiscuous saga of the latest years. Within its huge discography, definitely noteworthy is the 2014 Powder Horn released on Diagonal Records, which was considered by many to be one of the best electronic albums of that year. Lately Shit&Shine has released the great Everybody’s a Fucking Expert LP on Editions Mego in 2015 and Total Shit!, again on Powell’s Diagonal on March 2017.

Shit&Shine and Gang of Ducks share an arguable good taste for naming and, most of all, a wide-range approach to the sonic palette, always exploring different sounds.Hamburger Ep brings the work Craig has developed so far to the next level, keeping his unique mix of sluggish EBM beat, drugged funk and futuristic proto-techno.RIYL G.O.D’s previous releases like Traag, Sudden Infant, Datashock…

July 21, 2017