Gang of Ducks


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Est. 2013

45° N - 7.666 S


Gang of Ducks is a multidisciplinary platform
operating through record releases, events, sound installations, video and editorial projects.

The study of primitive languages, ritual practices and the definition of club and urban culture, has pushed the collective towards questioning the relationship between nature and digital as well as technological development, touching various kinds of sounds.
From rougher and nebulous ones to club-oriented all the way to more dilated, hypnotic, emotional and meditative ones.

At the same time the label is developing a few editorial projects. Sn50 (Nico Vascellari, Evol, Ruben Patiño, Anna Homler) is a zine format dealing with themes developed by artists dwelling in the music realm. Chronicles is a sort of ‘diary’ through which friends and selected artists can develop one specific issue.

Supporting the label activity, Gang of Ducks participates in festivals and plays in clubs with showcases or as GOD SoundSystem. The latter sees the label founders as djs and offers sets in line with the collective’s vision, sometimes playing own productions and supporting the experience with visuals.